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Key Wall-Mounted Organizer

Organizing solutions always put me in a great mood and implementing them is easy to do. Reaping the benefits of actually using them is something that will make life run smoother in the long run. I wanted to quickly share this awesome find I picked up at Target. 

Look how cute the mustache is to label my husband's section!

I came across this great wall organizer one day while I was trying to kill time waiting for my son to finish skateboarding {see my instagram}...I noticed it but I thought I'd think about it and if I decided to go ahead and buy it I would pick it up at the location closest to our home. Wrong, once I decided I indeed wanted was no where to be found at the Target by the house. Nor could I find it online {at the time} so I had to truck it back to the other location before they sold out, lol;) you never know...

This wall organizer system was the color I wanted that went with our home decor and it was a beautiful shape, not just plain with straight edges, and it was LABEL enabled! Anything that has a label option catches my eye immediately. Instead of labeling them with words per say, I ended color coding them....sort of, with decorative Washi tape that I already had and that is currently a favorite thing! I also definitely liked that it had tiny cubby boxes on top, that had an edge or "lip" on it so items do not fall off...they are more secure especially since I was planning on hanging this on a wall that was in a thoroughfare.

I hope you all dig this find that I purchased at Target, it does double duty....looking cute while keeping you organized. I mounted it on a wall next to our Built-in Homework Nook, check out that post if you missed it. Again I don't know if I can be found on their website, I couldn't find it but it's by their line Threshold and it was about $24.99...if I recall, don't hold me to that. Yet I thought that was a reasonable price as opposed to similar organization wall systems that were $48+....and I did NOT want to pay that much. My keys can stay on a tray in the kitchen for that price.

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