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Stone Tile DIY Backsplash Frame: Tutorial

The making of a Stone Tile/ Travertine backsplash Center Piece Frame over the stove.
Today I wanted to share with you this wonderful project that was easy to achieve with the proper supplies and tools. You can do it yourself and custom design your kitchen in a weekend!!

This is how this area looked before the frame was installed. It appeared 'nice' but to me it was still missing something....that finished 'wow' look. I was already in love with the aqua glass tile boarder and center piece, yet I was really hoping that a Travertine chair rail framing around that center glass tile square would complete this look.
 Before frame...

Tile Cutter- Wet machine/tool.
Stone Chair Rail Tile (border pieces)
Tape Measure
Epoxy (used Latapoxy Part A, Part B)
Grout (color of your choice)
Drop Cloth
Angle Ruler
Eye Protection
Gloves (if needed)

Travertine Stone frame edge or (chair rail) close up. This can be found at home improvement store, but if you cannot find it you may have to go to a 'Tile' store, which is what we ended up having to do. They had to order it special and it sells out fast in our market.

 After frame!
Step 1:
Figure out your plan and pattern. Cut your tile to the desired pattern and length of your frame. 
Ours were cut into 10 pieces, to cover the length of glass tile edges AND to bring interest and style to the design of frame itself.
Be careful cutting tile, use the proper protection.

Stone adhesive epoxy part A and part B. Some of the tools used to measure and cut. Make sure that you have the house well ventilated for this project. The fumes from the adhesive are strong and you do not want the children around. The fumes lasted for quite some time, so I kept the windows up most of that day, into the evening.

Step 2:
Mix your epoxy adhesive according to the instructions, you can use mask and goggles to protect yourself from the fumes.
Make sure working area is well ventilated.

Step 3:
Adhere your tile pieces onto the wall (tile backsplash), add some 'blue' painters tape for added support or something similar while it is setting up and drying. Follow instructions for your epoxy adhesive.

Step 4:
After the epoxy is ready to move on to the next step in process. Prepare and mix your grout or use a pre-mixed tube. Grout your tile. Seal spaces in between each tile AND the inner edge of frame, as well as the outer edge of the entire frame.

So beautiful and wonderful to look at!
Also, I thought I took a picture but while the epoxy adhesive was curing, it had 'blue' painters tape on it to add support and keep it in place. But you get the idea...add some tape to assist it while it is setting up and drying.

Here is a before and after picture to compare!
Hope you liked this post, please leave a comment or question and let me know if you have done similar projects in your home.

~Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute

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