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Ghee Clarified Butter: Whole30 Recipe

Ghee is a delicious cooking fat/ oil that is used in a lot of Whole 30 recipes and Paleo Diet recipes. I had never had it before I started by first Whole30 challenge, but it is really tasty and I did NOT gain weight...I actually lost weight even though I was consuming real butter.

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Ghee Clarified Butter Recipe:

Organic Grass-fed Butter (can be found at Whole Foods, Sams Club)
Heat  safe Bowl
Mesh Strainer
Cloth Napkin
Storage Container

Step 1:
Take your organic butter and place into pot over medium high heat. I used Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter which contains milk from grass-fed cows.

Step 2:
Let the butter come to a boil, at about 7-8 minutes depending on your stove top.

Step 3:
Observe butter the entire time, you do not want it to burn. Once the milk protein particles rise to surface and 'clump' together you are getting close. They will next turn to a golden brown color and then remove butter from heat.

Step 4:
Place mesh strainer over the heat proof bowl and strain ghee into bowl. If you do not have a small enough mesh strainer you can add a napkin or cloth to catch all the milk protein particles completely so that you are left with a smooth pure result. 

Step 5:
Once your ghee is cool enough to touch you can transfer it to your storage contain of choice, I used a small sized Ball mason jar. It was a perfect size for 1 bar of butter, but it can hold up to 4 sticks of regular size organic butter.

Hope you enjoy this new idea of cooking oil fat, it is Whole 30 compliant and approved. If you have any questions or comments let me know by adding them below. Thanks!

~ Be Sweet
Sweetest Haute


  1. Thanks so much for linking up to the Lovely Ladies Linky! I'll be featuring this post tomorrow. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks for linking up with the Lovely Ladies Linky! I wanted to let you know that I'll be featuring this tomorrow :)


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