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Winter Garden Color and Beauty: Cabbage {SWEET}

I really, really, did I say REALLY love this flowering plant and I plant this every year in my front garden to liven up the yard and add beauty to the dreary landscape. I first came across it a my bank, it was breathtaking and I researched on the internet so I could start creating the same look at my house.

It's called Purple cabbage, also known as Flowering Kale. This flower is a versatile plant that adds color to the cool weather garden. Also great as container plant that can be used for holiday decorations and a lovely edible food garnish. Attractive finely-fringed deep pinkish red center with flattened deep greenish purple outer foliage on a low growing 10-12" plant habit. Colors turn brilliant once temperatures reach approximately 60 degrees and cold tolerant to 15 degrees. Protect from extreme heat. This annual grows best in cool weather with at least 6 hours of sunlight and moist, well-draining soil.

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  1. Wow! That is a stunning plant! It makes me want to fill my entire lawn with them instead of grass XD What awesome backdrops for portraits those would be.

    Is it a flower, or are the leaves just pink in the middle? I can't tell!

    (katiebennettphoto.com/blog, if you'd like to reply since I'm Google+ =))

  2. Me too! It is a vegetable....cabbage, or purple kale. Basically your growing a veggie until it's ripe, then you need to take them out because they start to smell like strong cabbage soup. They only get this vibrant color in the winter cold. I found mine at a 'Nursery' rather than Lowe's, or Home Depot type garden centers.


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