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Central Coast Victorian House Beauty

I just recently got back from visiting the region where I grew up as a little girl. Even back then I was taken by the amazing architecture of Victorian style homes. Featured here are some incomparable Victorian architecture structures in the unsurpassed central coast of California! One of the best places on the west coast....enjoy.

Victorian mansion atop a San Francisco steep hill.

The victorian 'Painted Ladies' row houses right off the set of the sitcom 'FULL HOUSE.'

I had to include a beautiful coastal picture from Monterey, Lover's Point...next to the 7 Gables Inn, Seven Gables Inn in Pacific Grove, California. Look at that breathtaking purple ice plant groundcover.
Lover's Point in Monterey Pacific Grove, CA

Seven Gables Inn, Pacific Grove, CA in Monterey County of the the central coast of California.

Victorian 7 Seven Gables Inn, Pacific Grove, CA.

Victorian gingerbread cottages in Carmel, CA in Monterey County of the central coast.


  1. Living a Victorian house is like living in the early 16th to 17th century.

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  2. I'm from San Francisco so I love them childhood memories!

  3. I'm from San Francisco so I love them, childhood memories!


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