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Gold Leaf Thankful Thanksgiving Tree

 Gold Leaf Thankful Thanksgiving Tree

This DIY floral arrangement is perfect for this season- Gold Leaf DIY Thankful Thanksgiving Tree! This Thanksgiving thankful tree is wonderful for as a centerpiece on your table this year. We had a nice time taking a moment to think of things we are #thankful for and write them down on the golden leaves. Each guest to your event get to have a chance to add to the tree, you can even share what each person wrote on the tree before the meal etc. 


Glass Vase
Ornamental Corn
Gold glitter Cardstock
String / Bakers Twine
Floral Sprigs
Leafy Sprigs
Scissors / cutting device
Marker/ Pens
Mini Pumpkins {optional}


Step 1:

Begin filling your glass vase with which ever filler you decided on. I used ornamental corn since it favored the shape of my vase and because it helped hold my floral sprigs.

Step 2:

Arrange the floral, leafy sprigs in the vase one by one. I used ones that 'hung' a certain way so that the golden leaves would hang like ornaments on a tree would.

Step 3:

Cut you golden leaves out of the gold glitter cardstock. Pierce a hole through each on and use bakers twine or string as a loop/hock for each leaf.

Step 4:

Arrange the markers, leaves, and the thankful tree in a focal point of the entry of your event or on the main table so each guest can create their leaf and show what they are thankful for.


Ornamental Corn- Grocery Store
Vase- Marshalls
Gold Cardstock- Target
Ribbon- Michaels
Twine- Walmart
Bakers Twine- Amazon
String- Walmart
Markers- Target
Floral Sprigs- Dollar Store
Leafy Sprigs- Dollar Store


Joey McIntyre Debbie Gibson LIVE Las Vegas Opening Night

 Joey McIntyre and Debbie Gibson LIVE Las Vegas Opening Night

I was able to attend the Opening night of the Joey McIntyre Debbie Gibson LIVE Las Vegas Show in August at the Venetian Hotel Resort Casino. AND we got to go to the FIRST Meet and Greet session and photo op with Joey and Debbie. It was really really good, fun and it was the first VIP event experience I've went to that actually felt personal and 'very important people' had a very intimate family feel. Check it out, here are some of the videos that I filmed during that weekend. VLOG coming soon, some time in the future. Post-pandemic first trip to Vegas... #JoeandDebLive Be sure to check out the NKOTB Tab above, and other nkotb pages.

Part 1 Joe McIntyre and Debbie Gibson LIVE

Part 2- Debbie Gibson and Joey McIntyre LIVE show in Vegas #ElectricYouth

Part 3- Joe McIntyre and Debbie Gibson show in Vegas #theBodyRemembers

Part 4- Debbie Gibson and Joey McIntyre VEGAS Lost in your Eyes

Enjoy, leave a comment below!!

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