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Tie Dye Loungewear

Tie Dye Loungewear
Tie Dye Loungewear fashion has been a trend long ago but over they last 1.5yrs it has made a comeback. Especially lately during quarantine times. Here are some popular styles that you might be interested in to take part in this style trend. It is perfect for Spring and Summer, but the added lounge wear aspect is perfect for Winter and {right now} this Spring mid-morning it's 45 degrees outside.

Athleisure | Loungewear 
even Ryan Seacrest is loving it....
Ryan Seacrest and Girlfriend Shayna Taylor Wear Matching Tie-Dye ...
Tie Dye Sets at Land of the Righteous, image via LivewithKellyandRyan.com
Brownie Muffins Recipe

Blue Tie Dye Loungewear Sets, image via Land of the Righteous

Black and White Tie Dye Hoodie, image via Land of the Righteous

Purple Tie Dye Hoodies sets, image via Land of the Righteous

'24' Kobe Lakers Purple Yellow Tie Dye Hoodie Sets, image via Land of the Righteous

Athleisure Loungewear Sets- Morgasm

Loungewear Sets via Morgasm

CANIKAT Women's Tie Dye Printed Long Sleeve Tops and Pants Long Pajamas Set Joggers PJ Sets Nightwear Loungewear
Tie Dye Lounge Set

BLENCOT Women's Tie Dye Pajamas Set Long Puff Sleeve Shirts and Shorts PJ Set Button Down Nightwear Lounge Sleepwear
Tie Dye Shorts Set

Sidefeel Women Tie Dye Printed Sleepwear Lounge Short Sleeve Pajama Set Night Shirt with Shorts
Pastel Cotton Candy Tie Dye

Do you have any tie dye wear, and is it Athleisure or Loungewear sets? Comment below.....thanks for visiting!!

~Be Sweet
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DIY Face Masks

DIY No-Sew Face Masks
How to make no sew DIY Face Masks for Nurses, Covid19 Coronavirus prevention, and Quarantine. You can also easily buy some from online retailers. In the meantime you can quickly and easily make one using an extra T-Shirt.

- Mask
-Face Shield / Sun Solar face Shield

How to make a Bandana Mask, the easiest no-sew face mask. #facemask #masksnow #mask #homemademask #bandanamask #diyfacemask #diymask
Easiest DIY Face Mask via 5 Minutes for Mom 

Step-by-step instructions to make a NO SEW cloth face mask from a t-shirt
No Sew Face Mask via The Girl Inspired

Learn how to make your own cloth face mask using an old t-shirt! This tutorial is super easy to make, even if you don't have a sewing machine! Make sure you don't leave the house with out your new diy cloth face mask! This is the perfect craft for parents who need to get groceries or go out into public while this pandemic is going on. #diy #crafts #facemask #easy #health
Cloth Face Mask from T-shirt via The Soccer Mom Blog

Another thing that comes in handy are goggles and face shields. I have been using 'sun' Solar Face Shields for years to prevent aging of the skin. I can use this when I go out as well.

Clear see through Face Shields  |  Face Wrap

Hopefully you will find these resources helpful. Thank you for visiting, have a wonderful day. Please leave a comment below to let me know you've stopped by and if you have any questions.

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