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NKOTB Mixtape Tour Chicago Rosemont Center Barstool

 NKOTB Mixtape Tour Chicago

Welcome back to SWEETHAUTE and thank you for joining me on my NKOTB Mixtape Tour Chicago journey back in time when we were young, wild, and free!

Check out my NKOTB Chicago playlist from center barstool!

My Favorite Girl

Block Party

Dirty Dancing, Summertime


Nashville NKOTB Mixtape Tour 2022

 Nashville NKOTB Mixtape Tour 2022

My first stop for the #NKOTBMixtapeTour was Nashville NKOTB Mixtape Tour 2022 and this was one of the places I was able to get my FIRST Individual Meet and Greet with the 5 guys. This was the 3rd stop on the tour and we also happened to have good friends that live in Nashville that we hadn't seen since pre-pan and it was great catching up 'in-person' with some BFF besties! Check out my NKOTB Nashville Youtube Playlist for the show, it is SO good!!

Check out my NKOTB YouTube CHI Playlist from center barstool!

I wanted to make sure and be comfortable but cute look for my photo shoot BECAUSE it was my FIRST Individual meet and greet AND I had custom made and designed/drew Vans {skater shoes} myself and wanted it to match what I was wearing.


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